Welcome to INDIGITEC.COM and Playing by The Rules

The two big questions everyone is asking: (1) What is Playing by The Rules? and (2) What makes this guitar course different from others out there?

Playing by The Rules is a creative new approach to guitar instruction using a systematic method I call the Master Rule. It teaches the fundamentals of music, music structure, and how it applies to song writing and music composition. It will simplify your approach to guitar playing and at the same time, expand your ability to create your own style of music and sound. So, whether it’s Pop, be – bop, country, blues, jazz, rock n roll or new age Playing By The Rules will get you there.

It builds confidences and enhances your appreciation for the world of music. You will learn to love and play music as an artist and recognize it for the art form that it truly is.

So don’t let the title of this book put you off. Playing by The Rules will give you the freedom to break out of the box, to bend and even break some rules. So let’s get started. Order your personal copy now!