Lesson 8 – Major Chords

Major Chord 1 3 5
Minor Chord 1 3b 5
Seventh Chord 1 3 5 7b
Minor Seventh Chord 1 3b 5 7b
Major Seven Chord 1 3 5 7
Augmented Chord 1 3b 5#
Dimished Chord 1 3b 5b 6

Take a look at the MULTI CHORD CHART. There are many different finger positions and chord names.

Rather than trying to memorize the 144 chords on the chart, we will learn how to use a total of 7 rules to construct chords from our 3 Basic Chord Positions.

With these 7 rules you will be able to play all 144 chords on the multi chord chart and variations of these chords.

More importantly, you will understand how and why chords get their names. Playing By The Rules teaches this approach and accomplishes this by applying the MASTER RULE: All CHORDS ORIGINATE FROM 3 BASIC POSITIONS.


A Major Chord is a combination of 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes of the major scale. The 1st note of the scale is referred to as the name note, chord note, or the root. For example, the 1st note of the F scale is F or the root.