Lesson 12 – Building Seventh Chords

Major Chord 1 3 5
Minor Chord 1 3b 5
Seventh Chord 1 3 5 7b
Minor Seventh Chord 1 3b 5 7b
Major Seven Chord 1 3 5 7
Augmented Chord 1 3b 5#
Dimished Chord 1 3b 5b 6

As we work through the remaining exercises, zero in on the systematic approach we are taking to build these chords.

As you progress you may have the desire to branch out and explore different styles of music as well as learn to play more than one instrument.

This method will apply to any instrument or music you choose.


To play a seventh chord we need the following notes: 1, 3, 5, 7b (flatted 7th). So for our seventh chord we need to play 4 different notes to follow this rule. For the following exercises you may need to review the finger positions in Lesson 8.