About the Author

Burton McKerchie has been breaking the rules his whole life. He bought his first guitar at 13 years old and was playing with seasoned professionals by the time he finished high school.

Inspired by rule-bending guitarists like Django Reinhart, Wes Montgomery, Eldon Shamblin, and Jerry Reed, Burton traveled the United States honing his rock, country, and jazz skills as a side man in groups and in solo venues. He has taught beginning guitar, jazz improvisation, and chord theory since the 1980’s.

Burton runs Chief Productions, a Native American video production company and recording studio. His credits include producing and performing on the full-length album “Museum of Dreams” under his own label. Burton has also scored soundtracks for in-house videos, wrote script for historical programs used in schools and universities as well as composing songs for Public Television.

He and his wife now reside in Weed, California.